Sunday, February 27, 2011

Normaderm Free 7-Day Challenge On FaceBook (CAN)

Normaderm on Facebook is dtill offering their Free Sample 7 Day challenge of
their Tri-Activ Abti-Imperfection Hydrating Care.Just visit their Facebook page
and like them,click the Challenge page and fill in the form.

Normaderm Facebook Link

I received my 7 day challenge and just started using it and for the 2 days I have
been using it I am pleased so far with how my skin feels and looks,so in 5 more
days we will see if I am still satisfied and will let you all know if I will be going to
purchase and continue to use.
Also I am interested in hearing about others experiences with the Normaderm
7 Day Challenge as well so please if you have already tried it whether you liked
it or not please post your opinions and for those that haven't tried it yet once you
do your 7 Day Challenge please post and share with us your experiences.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Giveaway~Neti Pot CAN/US CLOSED

NeilMed Pharmaceuticals Inc. is the maker of NasaFlo® Neti Pot(netipot)
and the original and patented SINUS RINSE ™ kit. NeilMed ® SINUS RINSE™
is #1 recommended and studied nasal irrigation system in the world with
global distribution.
SINUS RINSE and Neilmed® NasaFlo Neti Pot(netipot) provides natural relief
from sinusitis symptoms, allergies, common cold or flu, and other chronic
sinus and nasal problems and obviates the need for surgeries and prescription
medications in more than 50 % cases.
Neilmed’s products are available in USA,Canada,Australia,New Zealand,Singapore,
United Kingdom,Ireland and Europe.

Neilmed Pharmaceuticals Inc is a leading manufacturer(since 2000) of saline nasal
rinse solutions,spray and gel products.Their goal is to ensure device quality,
effectiveness and safety at all times.They are committed to meeting applicable
regulatory,customer and quality requirements and achieving increasing levels
of customer satisfaction.

Im please to be able to be able to be hosting a giveaway featuring theNeti Pot to
all my readers both in Canada/US.I have receieved 6 Neti Pots for 6 lucky readers.
For your chance to win 1 of 6 Neti Pots please follow the steps below.

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*Giveaway is open to both CAN/US and will close 9pm March 26th 2011. 6 winners will
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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Scotch Brite Samples

Join Brite Ideas and Get Even More


Please send me the Scotch-Brite™ Brite Ideas e-newsletter where I will be among the first to enjoy:
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3M respects your right to privacy. Our privacy policy summarizes what personally identifiable information we may collect, and how we might use this information. We will only use this information as described in this offer and as further described in our privacy policy.
Please be aware that this information (including the original and the subsequent reply) may be transferred to a server located in the U.S. for metrics and storage. If you do not consent to this use of your personal information, please do not use the Join Brite Ideas system.

The 80's Time Warp

As my kids get older and their interests change daily on what's hot
and what's not.I find myself reflecting back to when I was growing up
and man it seems like I had it made as looking back seems life was so
much easier.

Nowadays kids seem to be growing up a lot faster and have become a heck
of a lot lazier then how I remember things being when I was a kid.Back
in the 80's when I was 10 I was a typical 10 year old,but now you look
at most 10 years old and they seem like that ever so funny movie that
I have watched with my kids a million times 13 Going On 30.Where at 10
I was still playing with Barbies,Cabbage Patch Kids and listening to
good old 80's movie,yet now they are into make up,dating and listening
to Hip-Hop and hardcore rap music.

Where are the days of playing hop scotch,barbies,hide and seek and putting
on music that doesn't swear every other word or has constant violence and
sexual content?Where has the times of being a kid was actually being a

I can remember in the spring and summertime all of us neighborhood kids
were out side playing touch tag,skipping running around just being kids.
Where now a lot of kids just wanna sit and play video games and texting
all the latest gossip to their friends.Even in the wintertime the streets
were always littered with kids playing in the snow and nowadays it's like
kids have developed an allergy towards the snow.

Sure as I turned into a teenager things changed and I was your typical
teenage girl where rock n' roll,hard rock and heavy metal took over where
Madonna,Corey Hart and Bryan Adams used to be in my cassette collection.
The teased hair,leather jackets,silver bangles,tight jeans,make up and
huge hoop earrings and of course hanging out at the local arcade replaced
the dolls,skipping ropes and board games.The difference is I was a kid when
I was suppose to be a kid and enjoyed it.That you don't see much anymore as
a lot just learn to pick up a barbie and the next day they are pick up their
cosmetic bag.

My kids actually poke fun at me as I seem to be stuck in the 80's time warp
and still listen to all the great music from the 80's and am addicted to all
the good old 80's flicks lol.Which I might point out all my kids have watched
and enjoyed along with me,but that still doesn't stop them always telling me
that it is time to get into the present and snap out of my 80's craze lol.Maybe
Im being hypocritical when thinking of how kids are today and I myself can't
even get out of the 80's time warp,but heck to me nothing beats how things
were in the 80's,the music was the best and so were the movies.Life as I look
back on it just seemed to be a lot easier and much more fun.But hey that is how
the kids of today and tomorrow will probably think of their generation when
they grow up and look back on their childhoods.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Todays Kids and TV

As the parent of 5 kids and such a wide range of age in my children Im
concerned with what the children of today see on tv as I know many many
many other parents are as well.

What has happened to what our children are encouraged to watch on tv? For
me I remember the good old days of shows such as Happy Days,The Brady Bunch,
Laverne & Shirley and such cartoons such as Smurfs,Flintstones,Jetsons ect..

Nowadays you don't get the good old fashion values shows like Leave It To
Beaver,The Brady Bunch or The Waltons.Instead our children have shows such
as Malcolm In The Middle,Everybody Hates Chris and The Simpsons.Hey don't
get me wrong those shows can be funny to a point BUT the big question is what
are our children of today and tomorrow learning morally from these shows?

Even the cartoons are a lot more violent and outruly compared to what I as a
child watch.Sure their was some violence but it just seems now that is the
whole episode nowadays.I know entertainment is just suppose to be exactly that
but as a parent I have watched a lot of these shows with my kids and just sit
there flabbergasted at how much the tv has changed and the content that is now
allowed on there.Though as a child I highly remember swear words were absolutely
forbidden on tv,when now it seems like if their isn't a bad word in a show then
that show isn't allowed on the tv.

Ya I know a lot reading this are thinking Im just a complainer and moaning and
sure I guess Iam but that is only because I think the media and tv are loosing
the grasp and control of what should be censored today.Also Im sure many reading
this are thinking "then don't let your kids watch" there is a lot they are not
allowed to watch,but having 5 kids and all being from ages 7months - 20 yrs old
it is hard to separate what 1 can watch and the others can't.I have somewhat of
a viewing schedule are home for the kids,just as I have a schedule for computer

So why did I write this?why did I put it on my blog?Really essentially it is just
my own little rant that has been plaguing my mind and thought whom better to share
it with then other moms,dads,parents and caregivers who may have the same thoughts
or more on the subject.

So whats your thoughts?Please feel free to voice your opinion and/or share your own
thoughts and/or ideas by leaving a comment below.Would be interesting to know how
others parents feel about this subject.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Under Jams Night Wear Free Sample Via Pampers CAN/US links

Try UnderJams FREE!

Help wake up to dry mornings with Pampers UnderJams — the only night wear leakage protection with a NightLock™ ultra-absorbent core. Sign up below to receive a FREE sample*.

CAN link

US link  

Any parent that is going through or has already gone through potty training knows that night time can sometimes be the hardest time for toddlers and young children so let them go to sleep feeling confident 
that they will wake up to being dry.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Tylenol Trial Offer Feb/22/2011

Received this offer in my email today and thought I would share it with my readers.It doesn't start
til Tuesday,February 22nd 2011 but thought it would be a good heads up for anyone that didn't receive
this offer in their email.

TYLENOL(R) Be the first to know about this week's trial offer
8,357 trial offers of TYLENOL® Rapid Release gelcaps will be available on Tuesday February 22, 2011. Supplies are limited, so click here to get yours!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tim Horton Gift Card Giveway CLOSED

Gimme My Timmies And You Won't Get Hurt Giveaway

Time to host my first giveaway and it's a $10.00 Tim Hortons Gift card.There will be 1 gift card available to be won and awarded to 1 lucky reader.Contest is open to Canadian residence only and will end March 20th 2011.

EXTRA EXTRA If I reach 50 followers I will add another $10 Tim Hortons Gift Card AND IF I hit 100 followers I will add yet another $10 Tim Hortons Gift Card.So instead of 1 gift card you can potentially have the opportunity to win 2-3 $10 Tim Hortons Gift Cards.Goals HAVE to be reached by March 20th 2011 giveaway closing date.

Mandatory Entry
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Bonus Entries  Please complete these after the mandatory entry
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- Tweet this giveaway (can be tweeted 4 x daily) comment with link to your tweet
Please use this tweet #Win RT "Gimme my Timmies and you won't get hurt" $10 Timmies Gift card Give away @MomsMotleyCrue 
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Giveaway starts 5pm EST on February 13 2011 and will close 5pm March 20th 2011. 1 winner will be picked using will be contacted via DM on Twitter and will have 48hrs to respond,if the winner does not respond a new winner will be chosen.