Sunday, February 20, 2011

Todays Kids and TV

As the parent of 5 kids and such a wide range of age in my children Im
concerned with what the children of today see on tv as I know many many
many other parents are as well.

What has happened to what our children are encouraged to watch on tv? For
me I remember the good old days of shows such as Happy Days,The Brady Bunch,
Laverne & Shirley and such cartoons such as Smurfs,Flintstones,Jetsons ect..

Nowadays you don't get the good old fashion values shows like Leave It To
Beaver,The Brady Bunch or The Waltons.Instead our children have shows such
as Malcolm In The Middle,Everybody Hates Chris and The Simpsons.Hey don't
get me wrong those shows can be funny to a point BUT the big question is what
are our children of today and tomorrow learning morally from these shows?

Even the cartoons are a lot more violent and outruly compared to what I as a
child watch.Sure their was some violence but it just seems now that is the
whole episode nowadays.I know entertainment is just suppose to be exactly that
but as a parent I have watched a lot of these shows with my kids and just sit
there flabbergasted at how much the tv has changed and the content that is now
allowed on there.Though as a child I highly remember swear words were absolutely
forbidden on tv,when now it seems like if their isn't a bad word in a show then
that show isn't allowed on the tv.

Ya I know a lot reading this are thinking Im just a complainer and moaning and
sure I guess Iam but that is only because I think the media and tv are loosing
the grasp and control of what should be censored today.Also Im sure many reading
this are thinking "then don't let your kids watch" there is a lot they are not
allowed to watch,but having 5 kids and all being from ages 7months - 20 yrs old
it is hard to separate what 1 can watch and the others can't.I have somewhat of
a viewing schedule are home for the kids,just as I have a schedule for computer

So why did I write this?why did I put it on my blog?Really essentially it is just
my own little rant that has been plaguing my mind and thought whom better to share
it with then other moms,dads,parents and caregivers who may have the same thoughts
or more on the subject.

So whats your thoughts?Please feel free to voice your opinion and/or share your own
thoughts and/or ideas by leaving a comment below.Would be interesting to know how
others parents feel about this subject.


mrs.shopper said...

I agree with you on the low morales thing so my advise is to pick and choose the shows on TV. Grab movies from the library for the old standby's. Try some Christian movies like Veggie Tales or Paws and Tales because usually those have values that you might be looking for. If my kids were really young I would avoid watching some of the shows you mentioned.

Freebies Mom said...

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Kristen said...

My daughter is pretty much never allowed to watch tv... Im more aware of things that people do and say on tv now that I have her

Toesthattwinkle! said...

I found you on the blog hop and now Im following you! Please check out my blog and follow me, I also wanted to say how much I love your blog and reading the posts!