Thursday, March 31, 2011

Giveaway~Clairol Foamtastic Coupons CLOSED

As many of you know Clairol had a giveaway of coupons for their new Foamtastic hair dye that was for both Canada and US BUT once us Canadians received ours the coupons were no good here and Clairol is working on replacing them sooooo as family and friends received this coupon as well as myself I have been gathering them and instead of throwing them away I thought I would host a giveaway of the coupons for anyone that is interested.So unfortunately for my Canadian readers this is geared more towards my US readers unless you go shopping in the US then feel free to enter.

There will be 2 winners of 2 coupons each

Mandatory Entry: Follow MomsMotleyCrue on GFC publicly (Must be done before the bonus entries count.)

Please leave a separate comment for each entry.

Bonus Entries:
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-  Tweet this on twitter  example tweet feel free to use it.   #Win A Clairol Foamtastic coloring time @MomsMotleyCrue #giveaway

Giveaway will close April 19th 2011 at 11:59PM winners will chosen through will be contacted via email and will have 48hrs to respond before another winner is chosen.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Review~Cheddar Cheese Bear Paw Crackers

Recently my family was given the opportunity by Mom Central Canada to receive a box of Bear Paw Cheddar Cheese Crackers by Dare Foods and the kiddies loved them and as a mom I was more then happy to serve this nutritious snack to them especially knowing that they are peanut free and are made in a peanut/nut free facility.With so many restrictions nowadays with what your children can and cannot take to school for snacks and in their lunches it's great when companies such as Dare Foods take that extra step to ensure your children have a snack that will be welcomed at your child's school.

Good For You Facts: • Peanut Free
• Low in Saturated Fat
• No Trans Fat
• Source of Calcium
• Source of Thiamine
• Source of Niacin
• Good Source of Folate
• No Artificial Flavors
• Made with Real Old Cheddar Cheese

These have been added to our shopping list and my family would like to thank Mom Central for the opportunity to test this product and to Dare Foods for taking the extra time to care about what our children put in their mouths.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

We Are Canadian Blog Hop

Fellow Canadian Bloggers are you having trouble finding other Canadian blogs to link up with?Or would you just like to hook up with more Canadians? Well this is a great oppportunity hosted by 2 terrific ladies that both have helped me loads and are really great people Gingermommy and The Knit Wit By Shair. Go link up and follow other Canadian bloggers and get more followers at the sametime.This is their second week so go show them your support and support for other Canadian blogs as well. 
Note* This is a Canadian only blog hop.

100 FaceBook Like Giveaway

I have decided to host a $10.00 Tim Hortons Gift card giveaway once I reach 100 likes on my MomsMotleyCrue Facebook page.So please go and like my FB page if you haven't already and send your friends and family members over to MomsMotleyCrue on Facebook and once I reach 100 likes I will post the 100 likes giveaway on Facebook.Winner will be chosen by and will have 48hrs to respond.

EdenFantasys~Body Slide

Looking to get you and your partner in a sensual mood? Do you enjoy the taste of strawberries and champagne? Then you will love this next item I have to share with you from EdenFantasys It is their Body Slide that will bring you and your partner closer in more ways then one.

The Body Slide is by Shunga Erotic Art and is just priced at $24.99 now that is an incredible price for a night of reconnecting with your partner or to just add a little spice to that already hot sex life.It's time to put away the water slide and create your own slip and slide in the bedroom.
The Body Slide comes not just in the Strawberry and Champagne flavors it also comes in Fruit and also Mango/Melon.You pick what your taste buds would dance to or buy one of each either way you can't go wrong.

If the Body Slide is not your thing then head on over to EdenFantasys where they have a wide range of toys,lotions,oils ect.. a wide cavalcade of items that will tickle you and your partner in the right places.So don't be shy and slide your way into your pleasure dome.
Remember your secret is EdenFantasys secret with discreet shipping.

Winners Of Neti Pot

CONGRATULATIONS to the following 6 winners of a Neti Pot Donna, Snow, mom vs the boys, glogirl, edmontonjb and Jennifer. All winners have been contacted via email and have 48hrs to respond before a new winner is chosen via

Thank you all for your participation and continued support of the blog.More giveaways still listed and more are in the works and will be posted soon.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Winners Of NERVE By Taylor Clark

CONGRATULATIONS to Shairbearg,Gingermommy and Manager To Mom for all winning a copy of the book NERVE.The winners have been contacted via email and have 48hrs to respond before a new winner is chosen.
Thank you all for your participation and continued support of the blog.More giveaways still listed and more are in the works and will be posted soon.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bio true Tote Bag Giveaway CLOSED

Going green is every important nowadays so we can do our part to ensure that our children and our childrens children,ect... have a clean green environment to grow up in.With most stores offering reusable bags for sale to cut down on unless waste such as plastic bags and paper bags,because even when you buy the plastic bags for 5 cents or whatever your stores charge it is nice to be environment friendly and use these reusable bags.I know I have a lot of reusable bags and am guilty of forgetting them at home.So that's where Bio true comes in to save the day as I received 3 reusable bags 1 for myself and 2 to giveaway to loyal readers of my blog.The tote bags I received are really great and can be carried right in your purse,diaper bag,knapsack ect... as it comes with a little satchel that you just fold and put your tote bag in it and off you go.Which as I mentioned before is great for me as you never know when your going to be out and not planning on buying anything buy you know you always do.

Now my Canadian readers you can enter for your chance to win 1 of 2 Bio true tote bags.By following the easy steps listed below.
For my US readers you can enter to instantly win from the link listed below.The link below is for US residents only that is why Bio true offered to send me 2 tote bags to give my Canadian readers a chance at receiving 1 of their tote bags.

To celebrate their latest innovation, Biotrue, Bausch + Lomb will be giving away 300 reusable tote bags a day beginning Sunday, February 27th. To enter, just visit to play the instant win game. Not a winner? No problem, just come back the next day to try your luck again! The game will be live for 30 days, meaning over 9,000 lucky Biotrue fans will be winners before Sunday, March 27th.

Now for my Canadian readers Mandatory entry(must be done before bonus entry(Follow my blog publicly via Google Friend Connect)
Bonus Entry: (Please leave a separate comment for each entry you do)
-Follow me via twitter
-Tweet this giveaway daily can be tweeted 2X daily
-Feel free you use this tweet 
"#Win Go green with Bio true tote bags and @MomsMotleyCrue" #giveaway

Giveaway closes April 10th 2011 at 9PM EST Winners will be contacted via DM on twitter and/or email and will have 48hrs to reply before a new winner will be chosen.All winners will be chosen via

Monday, March 21, 2011

Winners of $10.00 Timmies Gift Cards

CONGRATULATIONS go out to Multi-Testing Mommy and Caroline both were chosen by as the winners of this giveaway.Both have been contacted via email and have 48hrs to reply before alternative winner are choosen.
Thank you all for participating and good luck in future giveaways.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Purex 3 in 1 Complete Laundry Sheets Sample (CAN)

This offer is open to legal Canadian residents of the age of majority. Samples will only be sent to a legitimate Canadian household address. Limit of one request per household address. No group, club, organization, company or employee of Henkel Consumer Goods Canada, Inc. may participate in this offer. All submissions received are subject to a manual review. If for any reason it is determined that a person has submitted more than one request, all requests received from the individual will be null and void. Henkel Consumer Goods Canada, Inc. is not responsible for lost, misdirected, illegible or delayed requests. Allow 6 weeks to receive your sample. Offer available while supplies last.


Recently I was given the opportunity to try a pair of STRIDE EVERYDAY panties and all I can say is WOW for me a mother of 5 kids my bladder has been through it's wear and tear of being used as a trampoline while pregnant.Now for about 5 years I have lived with having a little leakage problem and went to the doctor many times to see how to solve this problem and got nowhere.So like many women past and present in my family I had to result in wearing a pantyliner all the time especially when it came to cold and flu season oh and yes can't forget about good old allergy season when the coughing and sneezing are the worse.So you could say for about the last 5 years I have been a prisoner to pantyliners and when it gets real bad full out sanitary napkins which I dreaded as they always make me feel like Im wearing a diaper.

Well now I can happily say that I am not a prisoner anymore now that I have had the chance to try STRIDE and Am thrilled to say that I will definately be buying some of these.You can get either bikini or brief style and they come in a variety of colors/designs and they even come in a wide variety of sizes including Curves for the 14+.Best of all they are washable good for up to 100 wears now that will be a HUGE money saver for me from buying pantyliners and pads all the time.

So if you are like me and have a leaky bladder and have always been embarrassed by having to wear a pantyliner or pad all the time and always checking to see if your pantyliner or pad was visible through your clothes it's time for you to give STRIDE a try as no more visible bulges will appear.Heck I kept checking out my bottom in the mirror when I was wearing the STRIDE just for the fact that I couldn't believe that it was absolutely undetectable to the naked eye.You will be pleasantly surprised how comfy and freeing wearing STRIDE will make you free.No more being embarrassed by having a leaky bladder and noone will be the wiser.No I can go about my everyday busy life of 5 kids with the confidence that I am well protected from leaks.

Before I get to the giveaway aspect of this post I would like to introduce you to the brains and beauty behind STRIDE EVERYDAY panties. This lovely woman pictured above is Wendy Spencer founder and president of STRIDE EVERYDAY.Wendy had a passion for fashion at an early age and about the same time she started experiencing her first bladder leakage moment.As many women do Wendy used to wrap sweaters around her waist. As a mother,business woman and with being very active in life Wendy decided to create a product for women that were like herself and had light leaks and were tired of using disposable products.

Now To Win It:

Mandatory Entry: Follow Moms Motley Crue through Google Friend Connect Publicly
(please leave a separate comment for each entry)

Bonus Entries:

- Follow @MomsmotleyCrue on Twitter

-Subscribe to Moms Motley Crue's newsletter

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-Follow @StrideEveryday on Twitter

- Like Moms Motley Crue on Facebook

-Grab my button (please leave comment and link)

-Tweet this Giveaway on Twitter (can be done 2X Daily)

Example Tweet Feel free to use it:

#Win (CAN/US) a pair of STRIDE EVERYDAY panties walk with confidence #giveaway @MomsMotleyCrue

Giveaway Closes April 16th 2011 at 9PM EST and 1 winner will be chosen by will be notified either by DM on twitter and/or by email and will have 48hrs to respond before a new winner will be chosen.Prize will be sent by sponsor.

*Disclaimer~ I was given the opportunity to take part in reviewing this product from STRIDE EVERYDAY and I received 1 pair of panties to try.This post is my own honest opinion and is not in anyway influenced by anyone other then myself.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Does Milk Really Do The Body Good?

We Have always been told since we were little and for many many generations we have all been told that milk does the body good,but is this infact true?

For years and generations now milk has been pushed on our families as to be a very important part of a health strong growing body,yet they do not disclose to their consumers that too much milk doesn't do the body good and how much is too much?

In September 2009 my now 6 year old daughter was experiencing growing like pains so I took her to the doctor and after the doctor hear the symptoms and doing an examination our family doctor concluded that it looked like it was growing pains.So we left and continued on our everyday lives as we usually did.Then within the coming weeks the symptoms were still there and her hair was getting brittle and falling out so I rushed her back to the doctor as this is something I had never experienced before and it freaked me out.The doctor examined her and asked how she was as in her everyday life,I told him not much had changed she was still eating just as well as she had always ate and was still quite active,but was complaining of pain in her legs.He reported to me that she didn't look much different a little pale and he couldn't figure out why the hair loss and said it could still be growing pains but with the hair loss he said we better get her to the lab for blood work.

I was sitting on pins and needles all kinds of horrible thoughts kept coming to mind and thought I would die by Monday for the doctor to call with the test results,so at 9:00pm that night I tucked her into bed with her My Little Pony movie playing and went back downstairs to tidy up,when the phone rang and it was the doctor urging me to get her to the hospital right away as she was going to need emergency blood transfusions.I broke down crying not knowing what to expect but ran up the stairs grabbed her out of bed and went right to the hospital.

At the hospital they rushed her right in and started to do more blood work and the doctor there examined her and asked a load of questions.My poor baby girl was crying and I was crying with her not knowing what to expect and praying for the best.When the doctor told me that he thought she would have to be rushed to Toronto's Sick Kids Hospital because he was thinking the worst that she might have leukemia .That just killed me hearing those words as that was the words that I was dreading to hear the most.

A little while later which felt like a lifetime the doctor came back in with the test results and said that she didn't have leukemia and did not need to go to Toronto but would have to stay in the hospital to get blood transfusions.I was relieved that she didn't have leukemia and that the hospital could do what she needed there,but was still shaken and scared for her with the blood transfusions.

The doctor explained to me that she was anemic which is something that happens when you drink too much milk or dairy products.That milk has no Iron in it and for that fact the milk would suck out the Iron from my daughters blood and that would lower her hemoglobin levels.I was shocked with this new found knowledge and questioned the doctor how is this possible when they always advertise that milk does the body good.He told me yes milk can do the body good but that it can also do harm if overly digesting it.He then asked me how much milk and milk products did she eat/drink daily.I told him no more then usual she loves her milk and cheese,always having milk with her meals and with snacks and that she ate cheese as a snack alot as she loves her milk and cheese,but that she ate a regular diet like the rest of the family.So then obviously he questioned if anyone else in the family had any of her symptoms and I told him no it was just her.

She was admitted and stayed in the hospital for 4 nights 3days and was put on an Iron enriched diet and was told that she could no longer have dairy at all.She had 3 blood transfusions which helped raise her hemoglobin levels and was released,but I had to closely monitor her to make sure she didn't over do herself as too much activity would wear her out so she was home from school for a week and had regular doctors appointments and many visits to the lab for blood testing to make sure that her hemoglobin levels didn't drop.

She quickly recovered and almost 2 years later she is going strong and living a happy healthy life and our family has gone completely from dairy milk to Almond and Soy milk and although she is allowed to have dairy again she gets very little dairy as does the whole family because once bitten twice shy on something like that to every happen to my family again.

That is why I pose the question Does Milk Really Do The Body Good? Me myself am a little milk/dairy shy now from that tragedy that happened to my family,and makes me wonder why or where do we as parents draw the line with milk/dairy for our children.

Sometimes what is good for us and our children can also be harmful.
 Picture of her Day 1 after eating a blue popsicle

 1 week after being home from the hospital

Monday, March 7, 2011

EdenFantasys~Explore Your Inhibitions

I am pleased to share with you my valued readers a very neat,interesting and respectful online store called EdenFantasys.Yes I know what most of you are thinking oh no not a sex shop that is not for me at all.Well I can tell you that I have browsed through the site and WOW I have to say that I was surprised at all the various content that I came across.I will say that if you have children you should not open their site with little eyes peeking around the corner so it is best to wait til the kiddies are in bed or at school before visiting EdenFantasys site.

There is a wide variety of products offered it will blow your mind.They have DVDS, beautiful and sexy lingerie, tasty edible lotions, erotic book, a huge variety of sex toys, an online community and oh soooo much more that I myself haven't even been able to view everything,but you can bet your bottom dollar that I will be exploring the site more and more.

Just because Im a mom Im still a sexual being as all of you are and no matter whether your a little shy or an outright freak when it comes to your sexual side noone will ever know that you have been to the EdenFantasys or have ordered anything as they are extremely discreet with your information and when mailing you your products.

As I was perusing around I came across quite a few items that caught my eye and 1 of my favorites that I have seen so far was an item that I would like to share with you Honey Dust by KamaSutra.This would be perfect for a nice start to an amazingly romantic night with your significant other and is priced at $25.99 this item is going on my must get list.

So please take a peek see at EdenFantasys you just might be surprised at what things of interest you will find for you or for that naughty someone you know.Also your feedback is much appreciated to help me know and focus on things that interest you,so please feel free to comment or drop me a line and let me know what things you found of interest and would like to see me post about next time.Future posts may include a giveaway so keep watching and send me your input.

*Disclaimer~ I currently was given the opportunity to take part in a blogger program offered by EdanFantasys.This post is my own honest opinion and is not in anyway influenced by anyone other then myself.I receive a gift card for my posts from the sponsor as a thank you.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tales of a Ranting Ginger: Giveaway - Facebook giveaway at 200 "likes"

Tales of a Ranting Ginger: Giveaway - Facebook giveaway at 200 "likes": "I thought it would be fun to have a Facebook giveaway when 200 'likes' is reached on the blogs Facebook page. Currently ..."

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Attention All Chocolate Lovers CAN/US

Do you love chocolate?Well then you need to stop over to MultiTestingMom's blog as she has an awesome contest that will just tickle your taste buds.
Mmmmm....chocolate.....3 bottles of Santa Cruz Organics Chocolate Sauces are up for grabs to 2 lucky winners.That's ALOT of chocolate sauce for those extreme chocolatiers out there.
So run on over and get your enteries in as the giveaway closes on Friday April 1st, 2011 at 11:59, 2011.
Oh and don't forget to find a hiding spot away from the kiddies lol ;)

Multi-Testing Mommy

Giveaway~NERVE~ By Taylor Clark CLOSED

About the book:
Nerves make us bomb job interviews, first dates, and SATs. With a presentation looming at work, fear robs us of sleep for days. It paralyzes seasoned concert musicians and freezes rookie cops in tight situations. And yet not everyone cracks. Soldiers keep their heads in combat; firemen rush into burning buildings; unflappable trauma doctors juggle patient after patient. It's not that these people feel no fear; often, in fact, they're riddled with it.

In Nerve, Taylor Clark draws upon cutting-edge science and painstaking reporting to explore the very heart of panic and poise. Using a wide range of case studies, Clark overturns the popular myths about anxiety and fear to explain why some people thrive under pressure, while others falter-and how we can go forward with steadier nerves and increased confidence.


Hachette Book Group has offered my readers a chance to win this book.3 lucky winners will recieve this book.


- Giveaway is open to CAN/US residents only.
- Winners will be subject to the one copy per household rule, which means that if a winner wins the same title in two or more contests, they will receive only one copy of the title in the mail. 
- Giveaway copies will be sent directly to winners by the sponsor.

Mandatory Entry:

- Follow Moms Motley Crue  publicly through Google Friend Connect (right hand side)

Extra Entries:Please leave a separate comment for each entry.(you can do as many of these as you like)

- Follow @MomsMotleyCrue via Twitter
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-  Post this giveaway anywhere else on the internet (blog,facebook ect..)
-  Tweet this Giveaway (can be done 2X daily,post link to tweet)

Sample tweet:
#Win NERVE book giveaway CAN/US 3 winners @MomsMotleyCrue Ends March 23rd 

Winners will be picked via

Good luck everyone :)

The Kid Can Cook: Giveaways

The Kid Can Cook: Giveaways: "Would you? Could you? Cook Green Eggs and Ham! In honor of Dr. Seuss's birthday this week, The Kid Can Cook is hosting our FIRST giveaw..."

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Timmies Bonus Entries and GiftCard Boost

Ok so call me crazy,nuts,insane what have you lol BUT I am offering to boost the 2 Timmies Gift Cards to $20.00 each IF you go to Salon Grafix Facebook Fan page and click their like button and tell them @MomsMotleyCrue sent you PLUS as an EXTRA bonus to have your friends and family go to their facebook page and like them(UNLIMITED) and then all you have to do is tell your friends and family to tell Salon Grafix that @MomsMotleyCrue sent them.Then you copy and paste their link in the comment box under the Timmies Giveaway and each one you get gives you an extra entry(UNLIMITED) to win 1 OF 2 Timmies Gift Card.So if we can get a combinded total of 200 likes for Salon Grafixs Facebook Fan page the Timmies Gift Cards turn from $10.00 into $20.00 Gift Cards.

So get out there and spread the word about Salon Grafix and get yourself a whole whack of extra entries for the Timmies Gift Card Giveaway.

Good Luck Everyone!