Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Timmies Bonus Entries and GiftCard Boost

Ok so call me crazy,nuts,insane what have you lol BUT I am offering to boost the 2 Timmies Gift Cards to $20.00 each IF you go to Salon Grafix Facebook Fan page and click their like button and tell them @MomsMotleyCrue sent you http://www.facebook.com/salongrafix?ref=ts PLUS as an EXTRA bonus to have your friends and family go to their facebook page and like them(UNLIMITED) and then all you have to do is tell your friends and family to tell Salon Grafix that @MomsMotleyCrue sent them.Then you copy and paste their link in the comment box under the Timmies Giveaway and each one you get gives you an extra entry(UNLIMITED) to win 1 OF 2 Timmies Gift Card.So if we can get a combinded total of 200 likes for Salon Grafixs Facebook Fan page the Timmies Gift Cards turn from $10.00 into $20.00 Gift Cards.

So get out there and spread the word about Salon Grafix and get yourself a whole whack of extra entries for the Timmies Gift Card Giveaway.

Good Luck Everyone!

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