Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Review~Cheddar Cheese Bear Paw Crackers

Recently my family was given the opportunity by Mom Central Canada to receive a box of Bear Paw Cheddar Cheese Crackers by Dare Foods and the kiddies loved them and as a mom I was more then happy to serve this nutritious snack to them especially knowing that they are peanut free and are made in a peanut/nut free facility.With so many restrictions nowadays with what your children can and cannot take to school for snacks and in their lunches it's great when companies such as Dare Foods take that extra step to ensure your children have a snack that will be welcomed at your child's school.

Good For You Facts: • Peanut Free
• Low in Saturated Fat
• No Trans Fat
• Source of Calcium
• Source of Thiamine
• Source of Niacin
• Good Source of Folate
• No Artificial Flavors
• Made with Real Old Cheddar Cheese

These have been added to our shopping list and my family would like to thank Mom Central for the opportunity to test this product and to Dare Foods for taking the extra time to care about what our children put in their mouths.


Number Crunching Momma said...

I received these as well and my daughter loves them. I have had to buy more.

I am following from the Canadian Blog Hop.

Samantha Eccles said...

hey im following from the product review place..