Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The 80's Time Warp

As my kids get older and their interests change daily on what's hot
and what's not.I find myself reflecting back to when I was growing up
and man it seems like I had it made as looking back seems life was so
much easier.

Nowadays kids seem to be growing up a lot faster and have become a heck
of a lot lazier then how I remember things being when I was a kid.Back
in the 80's when I was 10 I was a typical 10 year old,but now you look
at most 10 years old and they seem like that ever so funny movie that
I have watched with my kids a million times 13 Going On 30.Where at 10
I was still playing with Barbies,Cabbage Patch Kids and listening to
good old 80's movie,yet now they are into make up,dating and listening
to Hip-Hop and hardcore rap music.

Where are the days of playing hop scotch,barbies,hide and seek and putting
on music that doesn't swear every other word or has constant violence and
sexual content?Where has the times of being a kid was actually being a

I can remember in the spring and summertime all of us neighborhood kids
were out side playing touch tag,skipping running around just being kids.
Where now a lot of kids just wanna sit and play video games and texting
all the latest gossip to their friends.Even in the wintertime the streets
were always littered with kids playing in the snow and nowadays it's like
kids have developed an allergy towards the snow.

Sure as I turned into a teenager things changed and I was your typical
teenage girl where rock n' roll,hard rock and heavy metal took over where
Madonna,Corey Hart and Bryan Adams used to be in my cassette collection.
The teased hair,leather jackets,silver bangles,tight jeans,make up and
huge hoop earrings and of course hanging out at the local arcade replaced
the dolls,skipping ropes and board games.The difference is I was a kid when
I was suppose to be a kid and enjoyed it.That you don't see much anymore as
a lot just learn to pick up a barbie and the next day they are pick up their
cosmetic bag.

My kids actually poke fun at me as I seem to be stuck in the 80's time warp
and still listen to all the great music from the 80's and am addicted to all
the good old 80's flicks lol.Which I might point out all my kids have watched
and enjoyed along with me,but that still doesn't stop them always telling me
that it is time to get into the present and snap out of my 80's craze lol.Maybe
Im being hypocritical when thinking of how kids are today and I myself can't
even get out of the 80's time warp,but heck to me nothing beats how things
were in the 80's,the music was the best and so were the movies.Life as I look
back on it just seemed to be a lot easier and much more fun.But hey that is how
the kids of today and tomorrow will probably think of their generation when
they grow up and look back on their childhoods.

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Frenchy said...

Oh the good times ! When there were no cell phones and Internet ! LOL
I loved the 80s !
following from take it from me blog.
Would love if you drop by and do the same !
Have a lovely day !