Monday, April 18, 2011

Adult Essentials Gummy Vitamins

We all love IronKids gummy vitamins now the makers have gone one step further and have developed a line of gummy vitamins for adults called Adult Essentials Gummy Vitamins.How ingenious is that?Now you can take your gummy vitamins with your child which will encourage your child to take their vitamin everyday along with you as we all know the old saying goes monkey see monkey do and I know my kids especially the younger ones always like to imitate what mommy and daddy does so I for one am really looking forward to trying this great product and encourage better health for myself with taking these vitamins.

The Adult Essentials line isn't available in store quite yet but you can join Adult Essentials May 11th 2011 @ 8PM-9PM EST on Twitter for a Twitter party where they will be giving away 100 bottles of Adult Essentials Gummy Vitamins so you could have the chance to try them before they hit the stores.I will be there hope you all will join in on the fun.Remember to Follow @AdultEssentials and use the hashtag #AdultEssentials during the twitter party.

May12th in Burlington Ontario Adult Essentials is having a launch party for their product and I am happy and excited to be going to this event and meet the faces behind IronKids/Adult Essentials as they have been a great company and a great joy to work with on the current IronKids Gummy Vitamins Giveaway currently going on within the blog right now.

So once again I drone on and on as I tend to do sometimes lol so I will end this post with Thank you IronKids for being such a wonderful caring sponsor and I look forward to meeting you all at the launch party for Adult Essentials.

To learn more of how IronKids came together please take a moment and read this article Balance In Business? By Deborah Lowther


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