Friday, April 8, 2011

Mabel's Labels Mama Cards ~Review/A Moment For Mommy Sponsor

Mabel's Labels has done it again what a handy dandy nifty idea for moms.I recently received a set of these Mama cards for review before the upcoming A Moment For Mommy big blog event coming up April 29th-May 1st and since I received them I have been handing them out right left and center.Who would have thought of such a wonderful tool for moms well of course Mabel's Labels did and WOW I never knew before how great these business sized cards would come in handy in just everyday life.I have met and came in contact with fellow parents that wanted to exchange numbers for play dates for the kiddies and a some that asked me about my blog.Thank goodness I thought to put some of these in my diaper bag when I left the house because as fast as lightning while they were writing down their info I handed them a Mama Card.Of course when asked where I got such a handy item I told them Mabel's Labels

So if you would like your own set of these fifty cards please check them out and orders yours today Mama Cards and stay tuned for A Moment For Mommy Mother's Day event for a chance to win your very own set of these beautifully designed business sized cards.

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mrs.shopper said...

These look really good cards to have. Just followed you on Facebook on the Canadian hop. I am at

Noticed you are on the A moment for mommy event too.